How It Works


HireComplete's Application Portal allows each of our clients to post jobs they are currently trying to fill. Applicants can select a job and begin applying for that job immediately. The HireComplete Administration portal allows for tracking of the applicants and begins workflow for the hiring process if this applicant is a good fit for your organization. Clients are also able to track how many applicants have applied for any specific job as well. All jobs posted are analyzed by our talent network database to give you an idea of how many qualified medical personnel are available in the area.

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Hiring Workflow Management

Our system is engineered to track every crucial step of the hiring process to streamline the ultimate onboarding/orientation process that leads to eventual completed hire. Every step of the workflow manager kicks off notifications to required parties and allows for self service style entry of deliverables such as: CPR Card, Driver's License, Automotive Insurance Proof, etc. Human resource personnel need only verify these documents on our system, which can then be automatically added to the applicant's HR Vault once they become full employees.

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Human Resource Management

Once an applicant becomes an employee, all HR personnel know, that’s when the real work begins. Renewable document tracking for compliance is a top priority as well as HR records management, training and evaluations. Our system can track and automate the process of notifications to alert all parties of pending deliverables. Employees no longer must stop by the HR department to turn in documents, all can be done from a phone or computer with a simple click of a button. HR need only verify and approve said documents.

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Data Mining

Everyone that applies to your jobs are added to your company’s database. You may or may not have a position that they are a good fit for at that moment and these applicants become part of your searchable database. Now, if your organization has a new case that needs staffing, you can directly search your own database for previous applicants that may fit the case requirements. HireComplete has also spent many resources to import and clean up the Board of Nurse Examiner’s RN and LVN database, which is made available to clients, so they may data mine with our search tools at no additional cost! We also offer subscription to our extended talent network at a very reasonable price.

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